8 things you should know about The Biggest Worship Auditorium in The World (Glory Dome, Dunamis Worship Center)

The Dunamis worship center(Glory Dome)  is a 100,000 Capacity Auditorium, it is first of its kind in Africa and possibly the biggest in the world. There are 5 things you should know about Dunamis International Worship Center Abuja(Glory Dome).

*It is the biggest Auditorium in Africa and possibly the biggest in the world. Really funny right?

* The building started in September 2014 and it was dedicated in November 2018. The building was approximately finished in 4 years.

*The dome is about 43 metres from the floor level. That is about the height of a 13-storey building. 

*The roofing only,  cost billions of Naira. This is making wonder how much was spent on the whole building.

*The Dunamis Worship center can also be used for vacations and also family retreats

*An average of 6000 people worked on the site, including Architect’s, Engineer’s, Electricians, Carpenter’s  e. t. c all these workers were Nigerians and there wasn’t external help from the western part of the world. That is to show you Nigerians have capability.

*The foundation was laid by Pastor Adeboye and the church was launched by Pastor Adeboye(General overseer Redeemed Christian Church of God)

*There wasn’t debt involved, the Church didn’t borrow or collect loans to build the the Auditorium.

This structure is one of a kind and the first of its kind in the world, and we can also it’s a miracle. When next you are in Abuja make time to visit the Glory Dome, I promise you this is something you would love to see…….

Written by Gil Dach

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